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Hearts On Fire Diamonds

Perfect Cut

Each Hearts on Fire diamond displays a perfect ring of 8 hearts when viewed from the bottom, and a perfectly formed symmetrical fire-burst when viewed from the top.

Our diamond collection specializes in two exceptional cuts, Hearts On Fire and Dream, and both are extraordinary in their own ways. Schedule an appointment to experience the brilliance of these elegant diamonds for yourself.

An Image of Perfection

The value of a Hearts on Fire diamond goes well beyond the conventional standards. Our experts have mastered the critical aspect of a precise cut, our Hearts on Fire diamond is considered the most perfectly cut diamond in the world.

Exceptional Craftsmen

Worldwide, only a select group of craftsmen have mastered the skills necessary to meet the superlative standards set by Hearts on Fire. Proprietary technology enables these experts to perfectly position, hand-polish, and analyze each facet at 100X magnification, which is 10 times the international and industry requirements.

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