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While shopping for jewelry, you may have come across the terms: natural, genuine, synthetic, or lab created. While they may have looked the same, the prices may have differed, and it can lead you to wonder which option is right for you. Below, we explore the difference between natural and lab created stones to help clear up your understanding!

Genuine, or natural, stones are those that were made in nature. Natural gemstones were made in the earth, but may have been treated by humans in some way to enhance their appearance. However, mankind had no hand in creating the stone. One example of a natural stone you may be most familiar with is a diamond. These are naturally occurring in the earth, but may be treated to enhance the color.

Lab created stones are just that – made in a lab, under controlled conditions by a person. These stones may also be referred to as synthetic, since they were not created by nature. While these pieces may share the same chemical properties of a natural gem, they cannot be considered as such since they were not found naturally in the earth. If a stone is lab created, the seller is required to disclose this. Lab created stones can oftentimes be less expensive, and for those concerned about the ethical factors behind gemstone mining, these pieces are conflict free since they were produced in a lab.

The primary difference between natural and lab created stones is where they were made. However, for most lab created stones the chemical structure is the same as the natural, so it is essentially the same stone, it just came from a different source. This holds especially true for diamonds, with both lab-created and natural having the same optical, chemical, thermal, and physical features. Both types of stones are great options for your jewelry, depending upon the piece you are looking for and the stone you are selecting. Stop in to The Village Jeweler today to learn more about natural and lab created stones, and find your next piece!

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